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ART and Stakeless Abilities with Megger DET4TCR2 Digital Ground Tester

Megger DET4TCR2 Ground Resistance Test KitThe Megger DET4TCR2 Ground Resistance Test Kit is a 4-Terminal Digital Ground Tester with ART and Stakeless Capability. The test set offers a wide measurement range of 0.01 Ω to 20 kΩ, ground noise voltage measurement from 1 V to 100 V and ground current from 1 mA to 20 A. Accurate results can be obtained in electrically noisy environments since the instrument is capable of rejecting noise voltages of 40 V peak to peak.

The DET4TCR2 is powered from rechargeable AA cells. The battery charger is built in and the instrument is supplied with an AC/DC adaptor, and battery status is display using a bar-graph.

The DET4TCR2 complies with stringent safety standards and are rated to 100 V CAT IV. The unit also has selectable 25 V or 50 V output for compliance with IEC 61557-5.

Megger DET4TCR2 Ground Resistance Test Kit features:

  • • Rechargeable
  • • Extended test range to 200 kΩ
  • • User selectable test frequency and voltage
  • • 2, 3 and 4 point testing at the turn of a switch
  • • Attached Rod Technique (ART) enabled
  • • Stakeless measurements enabled
  • • Simple one button operation
  • • Automatic circuit checking
  • • Backlit display
  • • Weather and dust proof to IP54
  • • Complete with lead and stakes packed in a hard wearing carry case
  • • Delivered with a FREE calibration certificate


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