Are There Gaps In Your Protection Testing? Rent The Doble F6150 From Protec

Doble_F6150The GPS satellite synchronization of the Doble F6150 Relay Testing System allows the user to conduct an end-to-end test under simulated power system conditions.

Evaluate how an overall protection system operates, dramatically increasing confidence in the reliability and proper operation of the entire protection scheme, end-to-end including all communications.

Traditional steady state testing can only test each individual component of a system, which does not tell how the entire system behaves under true power system conditions. This leaves many uncertainties in performance and, as protection engineers know, misoperations do occur.

The Doble F6150 with satellite-synchronized transient testing provides the closest simulation to true power conditions available. It provides a more uniform, complete scheme test that significantly reduces testing time and gives a more accurate, reliable test results. Confirm the configuration, settings and correct operation of the protection scheme. And since the test results describe how the relay scheme operates under actual power system conditions, the test data can be used to help evaluate future relay operations.

With the Doble F6150, end-to-end satellite synchronized testing is very simple and easy. There’s no elaborate test set up, and all the required software is in the Doble F6150 instrument.

Only a GPS antenna with an access to open sky is required. If access to the sky is not possible, the optional F6050 high precision time synchronizer unit which simulates a GPS signal can be used. So no matter the location, state-of-the-art end-to-end tests can be performed.

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