Arc Flash Protection Made Easy with Fluke Power Quality Equipment

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Combining high voltage and ground path together create the perfect recipe for dangerous electrical arcing or arc flashes. Besides being harmful to workers, arcing has the potential to extensively damage electrical system components, which in turn, can result in fires. Certainly common arc flashes are typical in any electrical system; however, there are plenty that result in explosions and significant personal injury.

Working around electrical equipment requires significant preparation to prevent such unexpected events from occurring. De-energizing systems and protective gear are important elements of any safety plan. Also being aware of arc rating on equipment is important so that appropriate diagnostics may be performed to ensure that equipment is functioning safely. Staying outside hazardous areas when equipment is operational can go a long way to keep everyone safe. 
Electrical test equipment that allows for important diagnostic readings from a distance can help to protect workers from arcing and flashes.

Fluke power quality instruments such as their digital multimeter model 287 allows users to safely monitor equipment while it is being energized and de-energized. Many other available multimeters on the market today require close positioning in order to obtain necessary readings. This new Wireless technology allows users to take care of readings without taking any risk in the process.

Protec Equipment takes your safety seriously and provides electrical test equipment rental for vital diagnostic testing to keep workers safe and equipment performing optimally. Contact us today to learn more about our short and long term rental programs to meet your testing needs.