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Analyze Power Quality Events with the Amprobe DM-III Power Quality Recorder

Amprobe_dm-iii.jpgPower quality problems can cause severe deterioration of equipment, energy losses and instability of the electrical system.  It is important to correct poor power quality to ensure continuous and reliable operation of the electrical facility and to prolong the operating life of equipment. 

To help you diagnose issues with power quality, consider getting the Amprobe DM-III 1000 A Power Quality Recorder. This analyzer allows you to measure a wide spectrum of power quality events like AC current, voltage, sags, surges, THD up to the 49th, active, apparent, reactive power and energy, power factor, peak demand and frequency.

Other features of the Amprobe DM-III 1000 A Power Quality Recorder include:

  •        Detects and records power quality events
  •        Can measure power events in single and multi-phase electrical systems
  •        Complete kit that includes leads, ground probes, PC connection cable and current transducers
  •        Can simultaneously record up to 64 parameters
  •        Selectable manual and programmable recording start
  •        Can be powered by mains or batteries
  •        Built-in MegOhmmeter feature for testing wires, cables, motors and transformers
  •        Adjustable test voltages up to 1000 Volts
  •        Built-in programmable timer for conducting dielectric absorption ratio tests
  •        Voltmeter function
  •        PC connectivity for data transfer, analysis and generating reports

If you need power quality analyzers or other electrical test equipment, consider Protec. We carry equipment from a good selection of brands to cater to your needs. Please call our specialists today at 1-866-352-5550 for a quotation.

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