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An Overview of Megger Electrical Test Equipment

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Megger is a leading brand of electrical testing tools.  Megger test equipment is reliable and sturdy, and delivers accurate results every time. Megger instruments are structured to detect the minutest of electrical flux and have dominated the industry for over 100 years.  Although circuit breaker tests were a Megger specialty, they have evolved as a one-stop destination for all electrical measuring and testing gear. They have a strong global presence with worldwide manufacturing centers, sales representative, and multilingual product literature, and have earned the famed ISO 9001 certification.

Among the most popular Megger devices is the much-in-use Megger meter. It is a device which checks insulation and electric charge leakage. These meters are used to detect the possibility of short circuits. A high voltage DC is applied to the electrical device and its resistance is checked via the meter. A resistance of 1.25 mega ohms and upwards is considered an excellent value while a flat reading hints at leakage.

Electrical test equipment from Megger undergoes rigorous performance checks to meet high international standards and are the most talked about equipment testers available today. Megger is the proud winner of international environmental standard certificate, ISO 14001, and is the premium electrical device testing company in the world.