An Efficient Way of Finding Underground Cable Faults

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Underground cable installations are less likely to get damaged by environmental elements unlike overhead cables. However, there is still a possibility of the insulation degrading after a while of operation. Locating faults through rigorous visual inspection is not only ineffective but also time-consuming.

If you want to easily spot cable problems, consider investing in a fault locator like the Megger CFL510F. It is a compact device that has the capability to find faults on cables as long as from 10,000 feet. It has a system that automatically adjusts the range, gain, and cursor. This saves you time from fiddling with the controls and setting the right test settings. This 
cable fault locator also features a variable velocity factor from 0.2 to 0.99 in increments of 0.01. It is powered by 6 AA batteries which can last up to 30 hours. This makes it portable and ideal for field diagnostics.

If you are planning to add the CFL510F to your cable testing equipment, consider renting one first to help you evaluate its features. Protec is one of the reputable equipment providers that offers excellent service. Call us at 1-866-352-5550 to learn more about our equipment leasing services.