Amprobe DM-III Measures Broad Spectrum of Power Quality Parameters

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Amprobe_dm-iiiTo measure a wide spectrum of parameters of power quality rely on the Amprobe DM-III Power Quality Analyzer.  

This analyzer measures and records broad spectrum of power qualityparameters including:

• AC Current

• AC Voltage to 600 V

• Sags and Surges

• Harmonics

• Active, Reactive and Apparent

• Power

• Peak Demand

• Power Factor

• Frequency

Phase Sequence the Amprobe DM-III is compatible with various current transducers, and it works on both single and polyphase electrical systems.

Amprobe DM-III features:

• True RMS power quality recorder

• Capable of measuring a wide spectrum of power events such as current, voltage, surges, harmonics, reactive, apparent and active power, power factor, frequency and energy.

• Measures power quality parameters in single and 3-phase electrical systems

• Oscilloscope function

• Capability to simultaneously record up 64 power parameters

• Adjustable test voltages up to 1000 Volts

• Programmable Integrated timer

• Built-in Ohmmeter, Voltmeter and Megohmmeter

• Dual power option: batteries of mains

• Password protection feature

• Built-in Indicator for phase sequence

Amprobe is one brand you can count on, and Protec offers for rent, lease or purchase, all the electrical testing equipment you need to get the job done. 

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