Amprobe AT3000 Underground Cable Locator

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Finding buried cables whether for lines that run gas, water, sewer or telecommunications is increasingly important as more and more utilities and services need access to lines underground or to install new ones to areas with existing cables. The Amprobe AT-3000 Underground Cable Locatordoes exactly what its name implies – finding cable.

When you need to know the location of a cable before digging on land for new construction or adding new DSL or cable lines to an area full of other service and utility lines, an underground cable locator will quickly and easily take care of the work. The deeper the line or more intricate the underground environment, the more likely you will need electrical test equipment that provides a powerful transmitter and receiver to locate deeper or hidden cables.

The nice thing about the Amprobe AT3000 is it can find energized or de-energized wiring, cabling and piping. With three test modes and measurement depths up to ten feet, this efficient technological device promises precision pinpointing of any buried services without any transmission haze or background static. Built for rugged applications, the Amprobe underground cable locator offers drop and weather resistance.

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