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Altek Calibrators, Highly-Accurate, Lightweight and Easy to Use

As a manufacturer of single function, handheld calibrators for process control industries since 1979, Altek Industries is known for high-accuracy, rugged and portable calibrators.

While providing NIST traceable calibration standards for current, voltage, frequency, temperature and pressure, Altek calibrators are used by the oil and gas, water/waste water, chemical, power production, food processing, pharmaceutical industries and many other types of processes around the world.

Versatile, accurate and dependable, Altek calibrators are also compact, lightweight, simple to learn and operate, and with the exclusive QUIK-CHEK switch customization is made easy. Get the job done fast and get it done right with Altek calibrators.


Altek 820 Multifunction Process Calibrator
Lighten your load by taking the
Altek 820 Multifunction Process Calibrator to every site. The
Altek 820 Multifunction Process Calibrator sources and reads DC like a milliamp or voltage calibrator, simulates and measures T/Cs & RTDs like a temperature calibrator and generates and counts frequency & Counts-Per-Minute like a frequency calibrator, and it checks continuity and measures AC line voltage like a
Altek 422 Universal Thermocouple Calibrator
Source and read T/C’s over the entire industrial temperature range with the
Altek 422 Universal Thermocouple Calibrator. Use with transmitters, recorders, controllers, alarms, indicators, data acquisition and computer systems. Switch between 14 T/C types or millivolts.
Altek 334A Loop Calibrator
Altek 334A Loop Calibrator will check, calibrate and measure all your current signal instruments in a 4 to 20 milliamp DC loop. Use the
Altek 334A Loop Calibrator at every point in your loop.




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