Alleviate Uncertainties in Performance with the Doble F6150

Traditional steady-state testing can only test each individual component of a system, not disclosing how the entire system behaves under true power-system conditions, leaving many uncertainties in performance.


The Doble F6150 offers satellite-synchronized transient testing, providing you with the closest simulation to true power conditions available.

With the Doble F6150 you get a more uniform, complete-scheme test that significantly reduces testing time and gives you more accurate, reliable test results. You can confirm the configuration, settings, correct operation of the protection scheme with the Doble F6150, and help evaluate future relay operations with  test results that describe how the relay scheme operates under actual power-system conditions.

Doble F6150 Relay Testing System

Testing capabilities of the Doble F6150 include:

  – High-impedance electromechanical relays

  – Electromechanical high-burden, low-setting ground overcurrent relays

  – High-power relays from 0.5 A to 180 A

  – Dynamic-state and transient simulation testing using 12 independently controlled sources

  – End-to-end testing under simulated power system conditions with GPS satellite synchronization

  – Everything from routine characteristic checks to dynamic-state simulation tests with user-friendly software suite

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