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Affordable Testing with Doble Test Equipment

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Because relay deterioration is expected over long periods of continual use, technicians should perform regularly scheduled testing to prevent serious damage or potential failure of electric systems. Early detection is preventative action that saves money by avoiding costly down time should equipment need extensive repairs or completely fail during performance.

Doble test equipment offers some of the best value in 
relay test set equipment that we offer our customers. Our inventory includes many of Doble’s models that will provide the relay testing capacity you need in the field. Choices include single phase and three phase sets that will reliably evaluate small and large systems alike.

Multiphase units like the Doble F6150 Three Phase Relay Test Set are also capable of diagnosing protective schemes in addition to relays. The added benefit to you is that you will be able to rent just one piece of equipment to perform multiple functions rather than two separate systems. This results in significant savings to cash reserves as well as storage space.

Renting equipment from Protec gives you the opportunity to affordably experience differing test sets until you find the one that meets your needs. We offer rent, lease and purchase programs so contact our friendly staff for more information at our 24 hour live support hotline at 866.352.5550.