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Affordable GE Secondary Injection Test Set Rentals from Protec

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If you need to recalibrate or conduct maintenance checks on your protective relays, it would be expensive to hire a technician to do it. You can opt to buy your own equipment or better yet rent to save money on maintenance expenses. This lets you carry out the task without paying for expensive service fees.

Many equipment providers offer several models of secondary injection test sets. If you are not sure what model to choose, you might want to check out models from GE industrial. Some of GE’s popular models are the TAKTS2,PST1-1, TVS1 and TVRMS2 test sets. These models have the capability to test trip units such as the RMS-9/EPIC units, MicroVersaTrip PM trip modules and MicroVersaTrip Plus units. It also features a method of testing relays without deenergizing it. This makes testing quicker and easier compared to traditional secondary injection testing. Rent a
secondary injection test set today and compare each model with one another to get the best one for your system.

Protec offers affordable equipment rentals and you can also purchase diagnostic equipment. We offer a wide range of tools from GE and other popular manufacturers. Contact us for a rental estimate on the tools you need.