Advantages to VLF Hipot Testing

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VLF hipot testing is performed in order to find defects with electrical cabling systems. The high potential test method determines whether insulation in the cables can take the voltage sent through the line during operations without failing. Rather than being termed a true diagnostic test, it is actually more of a stress testing method utilizing the AC hipot but at the very low frequency of .1 Hz.

The AC test method requires significant amounts of power to conduct energy through cables because of its low capacitance. Cables act as capacitors because of its conductance whereas insulation operates as a dielectric. The reason VLF hipot testing is so much safer than AC or even DC hipot tests is because it generates 600 times less power to the cable than the other methods.

VLF hipot testing advantages include:

  •        Fewer transient voltage currents
  •        Not susceptible to flashovers
  •        No treeing or void generation
  •        Convenience of lightweight and compact design
  •        Ideal for device testing in the field

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