Advantages of HVA30 VLF Electrical Test Equipment

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HVA30HV Diagnostics offers a very reliable High Voltage Very Low Frequency (VLF) testing tool, namely, the HVA30. It stands out from the crowd because of its advanced features, accuracy, and compactness. Some of the major advantages of this device include:

  • It adheres to the international testing standards such as the IEC 60060 and 3IEEE 400.2 etc., and is a highly accurate HV test tool.
  • The operator of HVA30 can work with both the manual and automatic test modes and carry out the complete test easily.
  • Supplementary power sources can be integrated with this tool when the connection to the mains has been lost or the main power supply is off.
  • The HVA30 has a large display panel and a bright backlight. Results are displayed concurrently as the tests are carried out.
  • This advanced and automatic electrical test equipment has ample memory storage space. As many as 50 test results can be stored in this device at one time and can be accessed later. Test results can be easily saved on a PC by transferring the data using a USB drive.

This advanced tool is a must-have in any electrical testing tools collection. Through our electrical test equipment rental service, you can easily get this tool by ordering it and renting it only for as long as you need it.