Administering an AC or DC Hipot Test

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Given the fact that not every quality assurance supervisor or test operator comes from an electrical engineering background, administering a hipot insulation test can be a daunting task. In actuality, however, the principle behind both the AC hipot and the DC hipot is relatively simple. If this is understood, then both the set up and the implementation of both tests are as well.

These tests are used to check and/or verify how strong the insulation is between a product’s electric current carrying components and the enclosure that surrounds it. It is implemented by putting forth a high voltage from the mains-input lines to the product’s chassis, and then measuring the degree of leakage current that flows through the insulation. The theory behind it is that the chassis is given a much higher voltage than it would normally see. If there is no breakdown in insulation, then the product is capable of safely operating in normal conditions.  If there is a breakdown, then it could mean a serious shock hazard to anyone who comes in contact with it. 

In addition to being useful for routine maintenance and inspection, these tests are also an excellent way to find workmanship and assembly defects at the manufacturing level as well. If you have questions as to whether or not you may need to administer one or the other, may want to call orsubmit your information online to see if our friendly support staff can help you. We have a range of rental options to best fit all of your needs.