Accurately Capture Power Quality Parameters with the Dranetz PX5 Analyzer

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Most of the time, a lot of technicians suspect ground loops, transients and electrical noise as the cause of unstable equipment operation. However, there are times that the cause is poor power quality. When the electrical line is plagued with a high level of harmonics and voltage variations, electrical equipment can operate erratically and others may get damaged. Analysis helps determine the power quality in order for technicians to correctly compensate the electrical line.

The Dranetz PowerXplorer 5 is the ideal tool for power quality analysis. It features 4 channels for voltage and 4 channels for current with a sampling rate of 256 samples per cycle. The Dranetz PX5has a high-speed data capture at 1 microsecond per channel and a high-speed transient like an oscilloscope.

Product Features

  •        Independent voltage, current and cross triggering
  •        Can measure event characterization of RMS events
  •        Measures total harmonic distortion and transient intermodulation distortion up to the 63rd harmonic
  •        USB, LAN and RS232 connectivity for remote-controlled applications and data transfer
  •        Can be powered by the AC mains or batteries
  •        128MB expanded memory
  •        Captures IEEE 1459 power parameters for advanced and non-sinusoidal electrical systems

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