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Accurate Power Quality Analyzers From Dranetz

Dranetz PowerXplorer PX5 Power MonitorA power line polluted with EMI, harmonics and voltage spikes can cause a sharp increase in your power bills. Poor power quality can also cause damage to other equipment connected to it. In order to correct the problem, a power quality analyzer is used to measure the extent of power asymmetry. This helps the engineer to determine how much compensation will be applied to the power line.

There are many power quality analyzers available on the market. Each model offers features to make testing easier and faster. One good model is the Dranetz PowerXplorer PX5 Power Monitor

The Dranetz PowerXplorer PX5 can measure voltage spikes, power in root mean square, total harmonic distortion and transient intermodulation distortion. The tester also offers 4 channels for both voltage and current and can test single and polyphase power lines. It features 256 samples per cycle input sampling rate for high accuracy. It features a rugged construction to be able to withstand rough handling. It can be powered through AC mains or through rechargeable batteries which makes it ideal for station or field applications. 

Protec offers the Dranetz PowerXplorer PX5 and other analyzers from various brands. We have a wide selection of equipment for rent to cater to your needs. Contact us today for a quote on equipment rentals.

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