Accurate Power Factor Testing with the Doble M4000

Doble-M4000.jpgPower factor testing helps detect problems in insulation of cables, motors, transformers and other electrical equipment. Poor insulation can cause serious problems in your electrical facility. Your maintenance personnel should regularly test your electrical system to find problems and repair them while they are still manageable.

The Doble M4000 M4100 Power Factor Insulation Analyzer is a power factor test set has features capable of testing most insulators in an industrial setting. It has a 10 kiloVolt output test voltage at 300 milliAmperes to simulate operational conditions of most high voltage electrical components. It can measure tan delta, excitation current and capacitance in insulators. It uses a Line Frequency Modulation System to reduce line interference which may affect the readings. This Doble power factor test set lets you attach modules like a type C resonator, capacitor bank module, reactance module and more to expand its testing capabilities. It also can generate its own well-defined sine wave signal to ensure high accuracy testing. It is guaranteed to last long because all Doble test equipment passes through a stringent manufacturing process to ensure reliable operation.

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