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Accurate Low Resistance Measurement with the AEMC 5600

AEMC 6250 10A Micro-OhmmeterYou can save a lot of money by prolonging the operating life of your electrical components. This not only saves you from the hassles of electrical problems caused by faulty equipment, it also saves you from expenses on replacements. You can do this by regularly testing your electrical system so you can recondition it even before it totally fails.

If you are thinking of getting a tool that can help you spot faulty components, consider checking out the AEMC 5600 10A Digital Micro-Ohmmeter with Kelvin Probes.

This low resistance Ohmmeter can help you find bad connections, terminals, contacts or faulty cable terminations. It can also be used to spot weakened bonded metals to ensure that they are safe to use. It features a 4-wire kelvin configuration to reduce test lead resistance and also a built-in filter to remove unwanted signals that might affect the measurements. It has safety features like internal thermal switch to protect the meter from overheating and a protective circuit that prevents damage caused by inductive kickback when the tool is turned off.

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