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Accurate Insulation Assessments with the Megger CB-100 Power Factor Test

Megger CB-100 28V Power Factor Test SetMeasuring power factor and dissipation factor allows technicians to determine insulation reliability and address problems immediately before they cause too much trouble. Unexpected electrical breakdowns add up to labor and equipment replacement costs. To help save you money, you should always schedule maintenance checks regularly. If you don’t have the right equipment, you might to check out the Megger CB-100 power factor tester.

The Megger CB-100 28V Power Factor Test Set is a direct-reading bridge that can be easily balanced which makes it suitable for field, substation and other industrial applications.

It can be used to measure insulation values on power transformers, circuit breakers, bushings, motors, relays and other electrical apparatus. This Megger tester has an accuracy of 0.001% on dissipation factor and 0.01% on capacitance which allows it to measure low values accurately. It has switchable UST and GST modes that allow you to test various insulators without changing test leads. This feature makes testing convenient and easy. You can also use optional test cells so you can test dielectric fluids. 

This versatile and accurate tester can be rented from 
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