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Accurate Ground Resistance Measurements with Megger 250202

Megger 250202 DET2/2 Digital Ground Resistance TesterWhen an earth connection is not properly connected to ground, the electrical system can become unstable or this may cause electrical hazards. To help spot faults in grounding systems, technicians measure the ground resistance. However, you cannot use an ordinary Ohmmeter for this because it will give you false test results. A digital ground resistance meter is the right tool for this application.

Earth resistance is critical for grounding systems. A good ground should only have a few Ohms resistance from the earth. To help you measure resistance accurately, you might want to consider checking out the Megger 250202 DET2/2 Digital Ground Resistance Tester. This tool offers high resolution resistance measurements of up to 1 mΩ. This makes it suitable for large grounding systems found in substations. Its test voltage has a maximum output of 50 Volts only to reduce the risk of electric shocks. This Resistance Tester also features a built-in filter and high current mode to allow you to accurately measure resistance even on high EMI and other difficult environments.

Try out the Megger 250202 by renting from Protec Equipment Resources. We also have other test equipment available for rent. Call us at 1-866-352-5550 for pricing details and for more information about our services.

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