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Accurate Ground Resistance Measurement with the Megger DET62D

The electrical ground has several purposes in the electrical system. It directs dangerous voltages to the earth in case insulation opens and exposes the conductor. The ground also bypasses unwanted electrical interference to the ground and serves as a return path to complete the electrical circuit. It is important to assess their condition to ensure that they have good contact with the earth. Loose ground connections can cause instability to the electrical system.

Megger DET62DThe Megger DET62D Ground Resistance Test Kit is an instrument used to measure ground resistance using a three-wire technique. It can measure ground resistance from 100 mΩ up to 2 kiloΩ. The Megger DET62D Ground Resistance Test Kit can put out a test voltage of 50 Volts at 1 milliampere which makes it suitable for testing most ground connections. The input system has an advanced suppression circuitry that isolates noise radiated by overhead cables that might affect the readings. It also has a digital back-lit display that is easy to read even in dark environments.

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