Accurate Current Transformer Testing with Vanguard Test Equipment

Vanguard EZCT-2000C Plus Automated CT Test SetFaulty current transformers can cause serious damage to other equipment and injury to personnel. Regular testing should be done to prevent problems like these. Technicians often run several tests on the current transformer to detect partial shorts or open windings. The current transformer’s published data is compared with the results to detect deviations. That’s why a highly accurate test equipment is needed to avoid errors.

Finding the right test equipment can be confusing especially with several test sets to choose from. One of the most popular testers used is the Vanguard EZCT Automated CT Test Set Series. the Test Sets can run excitation, current-ratio and winding polarity automatically. This reduces fine adjustments and errors in the results. The units have the capability to test current transformers even while it is still mounted on transformers or switchgears.

There is no need to detach it, making testing more convenient. These tools can be operated by themselves or connected to a computer through its USB and RS232 ports for enhanced capabilities.  Results can be taken directly from its LCD screen or through its onboard thermal printer.

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Vanguard EZCT-2000A Automated CT Test Set

Vanguard EZCT-2000B Automated CT Test Set

Vanguard EZCT-2000C Plus Automated CT Test Set

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