Accurate CT Diagnostics with the Megger MCT1600 Multi Tap CT Tester

Vanguard EZCT Automatic CT Test SetIt is important to regularly check the accuracy of current transformers to prevent wrong current monitoring or metering. Inaccurate current transformers can cause serious problems and lead to equipment damage or loss of revenue. If you are thinking of getting a current transformer tester for your facility, consider checking out the Megger MCT1600.

When a current transformer becomes faulty, the attached over-current monitoring protective devices may not trip when needed. This can cause serious damage to your property. Faulty CTs also can cause wrong measurements of consumed power resulting to loss of revenue. A good tester that can help you calibrate and maintain your current transformers is the Megger MCT1600. It lets you conduct CT tests quickly and save it in a USB stick so you can print it later. This Megger test equipment features a built-in QWERTY keypad for easy data entry and an option to switch between manual and automatic testing. It can also display several instantaneous saturation curves together with knee-points. 

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