AC Hipot Testing to Prevent Electrical Failures

Adwel HVA40-10 High Voltage AC HipotInsulation problems are one cause of electrical equipment damage and electrical fires, an revenue may be lost due to power interruptions and equipment replacements. Avoid these problems through regular preventive maintenance.

Rent test equipment and save money. This service is favorable for most small businesses and even large businesses because they only have to pay a smaller rental fee compared to thousands of dollars to purchase the equipment.

Insulation reliability can be effectively tested by high potential stress testing. AC hipot is the preferred method because of its lower test voltage. This reduces the risk of damaging insulation, prevents accidents like flash overs and electrical shocks. This test simply applies a voltage higher than the rating of the tested sample. A good insulator should be able to handle the electrical stress for a specified time. Manufacturers set a lower rating than its true capacity so it can handle temporary transients and over voltages.

Protec Equipment Resources can provide you with high quality equipment at reasonable rates. Our rental service also comes with excellent technical support so you won’t be left in the dark if you encounter difficulties. Contact a Protec expert now to have the tools you want to rent estimated.

Adwel HVA40-10 High Voltage AC Hipot

High Voltage PFT-503CM 50kV 3kVA AC Hipot

Hipotronics 100HVT 100kV 5kVA AC Hipot


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