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AC, DC and VLF Hipot Tests

High Voltage VLF-65E 65kV VLF TesterThe purpose of hipot or high potential and voltage testing is to measure isolation to ensure that current cannot flow from an isolated point to another circuit. If the circuits pass the test, it means that there is high resistance for your electrical system to operate properly. This process is to make sure that electrical circuits are safe and won’t cause any damage to your home or appliances. Your electrical system will pass this test if there is no leak detected by the cable. Minimal leaks sometimes happen, but the electrician will assess for you if it is still safe or something needs to be repaired.

VLF hipots are those tests with very low frequency. It is used to provide a go or no-go, otherwise known as pass or fail, voltage withstand test. It can also be used as the voltage source for a diagnostic cable testing. AC and DC hipot both supply just the right voltage for testing. AC hipot is at 50 to 60 hertz while DC hipot can reach as high as 200 kV. 

Take steps to measure insulation integrity with VLF hipot, AC Hipot or DC hipot testing. Be at peace with your electrical systems to ensure high safety for your family or workers. Protec supplies equipment for hipot testing including cable fault locator tests and insulation resistance. Contact us today for a rental quote on the test equipment you need.

High Voltage VLF-65E 65kV VLF Tester

Adwel HVA40-10 High Voltage AC Hipot

HV Diagnostics HVA34 34kV VLF / DC High Voltage Test Instrument

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