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ABB TS3 Trip Unit Test Set Assures SACE Circuit Breakers Functionality

The ABB TS3 Trip Unit Test Set performs functionality test on ABB SACE S1, S2, AR1, PR1, PR111, PR112, PR113, PR121, PR122, PR123, PR231, PR232, PR331, PR332, PR333 low voltage electronic trip unit.

To test low voltage ABB SACE air circuit breakers electronic trip units, rely on the TS3 Trip Unit Test Set . With one-phase secondary current injection, the TS3 is a testing device that verifies functionality and assures that circuit breakers are working at peak performance.

The auto protection function, implemented on TS3, protects the trip unit under test for incorrect setting or/and cabling by the user.

TS3 Trip Unit Test Set user interface

 ABB TS3 Trip Unit Test Set




Type B USB connector for connection to PC


Main connector for ABB SACE test cable


“Output On” LED – Test ongoing


Start / Stop test pushbutton (immediate test stop)


Backlit LCD graphic display


Function keys (corresponding to the active SoftKey, in the display views)


Alfa-numeric keyboard for parameters introduction


Power supply plug


Power supply switch with Power On light


Fuse holder with power voltage selector (115V / 230V 50-60Hz AC)


Knob for parameters selection/movement and for adjustment of supplied current during test


ESC key for back command to the previous menu, and DEL to cancel entered data


Cursor movement keys


“ENTER” key to confirm data enter


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