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A TDR Can Help Find Cable Faults Fast in Metropolitan Area Network Facilities

Hipotronics TDR1130A Time Domain ReflectometerComputer networks are tolerant to noise or data corruption because they incorporate redundancy cyclic checks on their bit stream. However, trying to recover lost data loads down the system. This introduces delays on the network and if the corruption is too much, the network may lock up. It is important to conduct regular network testing to avoid service interruptions. Damaged network cables not only corrupts the data stream but may also cause crosstalk between cables. 

Crosstalk and data corruption are some of the common problems in networks especially on MAN systems. This is often caused by open shieldings, improperly grounded shields, open cables or improper cable crimping. It may be difficult to find cable faults especially if you’re working with a very large network. To help easily find cable problems, consider using a cable fault locator like a time domain reflectometer (TDR). It works like a radar that uses reflected signals to find cable problems. This helps eliminate guess work and saves you time on cable diagnostics.

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