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A Saints Fan in Chi Town

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Warning: This post has nothing to do with Megger DLRO units, Battery Testing Equipment, or AC Hipot units.  It doesn’t have to do with our truly one day minimum rental period or the cost savings associated with our shipping strategies.  

It does have to do with football.

I think part of the service equation is knowing your customers and being able to talk to them about what they care about.  With football season fast approaching this is sure to be on people’s minds so I have been working to learn more about the local teams.  I grew up in South Louisiana and spent a lot of time at and around Saints games, so I am fully aware of the quirkiness associated with the Saints and their traditions.  But it makes me curious to learn about the traditions in this part of the country.  Do people tailgate?  If so, does it start an hour before the game or a few days?  I have always heard stories of the fans in  this area so I am looking forward to learning more and experiencing Bears/Packers/Vikings/Colts football in person.

So, if you need equipment give me a call.  If you would like to talk football while renting equipment – even better.