A Cost-Effective Way to Diagnose Protective Device Problems

Doble TDR9100 Circuit Breaker Test System.jpgProtective devices require rigorous testing to determine whether their functionality is still within its rating. These mission-critical components shouldn’t be neglected to avoid power interruptions and unexpected repairs.

Protective devices like circuit breakers need to be checked regularly because of the hassle they cause when they fail to protect your electrical system. Circuit breaker failures end up causing expensive equipment replacement, rewiring and long hours of troubleshooting. Don’t put your facility at risk by trimming your electrical maintenance cost, test protective devices and schemes regularly, You can save money on maintenance costs with electrical test equipment rental. Renting also reduces the worry of storing and maintaining your own test equipment.

Get the diagnostic tools you need and at affordable rental rates when you rent from Protec. Our inventory includes relay test sets, DLROs, earth testers and high voltage test equipment, just to name a few.

Doble TDR9100 Circuit Breaker Test System

Omicron CPC 100 Multi-Functional Primary Test System

Vanguard DIGITMR Circuit Breaker Timer / Analyzer

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