A Cost-Effective Solution to Maintain Cables

Megger PFL40A Power Cable Fault Locator SystemCables can go on working for a while even if they are already faulty. However, the risk of getting electrocuted and  electrical fires are high, and there is also a risk of faulty cables taking down an entire electrical system. It would be better if you could prevent a fault from damaging other equipment.

It is significantly cheaper to spot cable problems early and recondition your system than to repair an electrical disaster and replace a lot of equipment. You can prevent problems like these by regularly checking the condition of your cables. If you are thinking it’s not possible because of budget limitations, you might want to consider test equipment rental. This allows your maintenance team to diagnose possible cable faults using high quality equipment without shelling out thousands of dollars on equipment purchases. You can get a cable fault locator or an earth tester at a fraction of its market price. Aside from that, you also get support from knowledgeable equipment specialists. Just imagine the savings and excellent service you’ll get.

Take advantage of equipment rentals with Protec Equipment Resources. If you need a quote, call one of our equipment experts today at 1-866-352-5550.

Megger PFL40A Power Cable Fault Locator System

Megger Battery Ground Fault Locator

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