A Cable Fault Locator Can Help Save You Time and Effort Repairing Cables

Megger Battery Ground Fault LocatorSpend less time troubleshooting cables by using cable defect locators. These tools can help you save time and effort finding faults in long installations and buried systems. They can pinpoint the location of the defect so you an immediately address it instead of wasting time looking for the fault. Here are some of the common tools that can speed up diagnostics.

Cable Fault Locating Test Equipment

This is a great tool for cable fault pre-location. It can spot defects in cables as far as 10,000 feet within seconds. A cable fault locator detects cable problems by sending a short electrical impulse. Any defect will cause a reflected signal which is intercepted by the tester. The time it takes for the pulse to return indicates the distance of the problem.

Fault Wizard Portable Fault Location System

Megger PFL40A Power Cable Fault Locator System

Megger Battery Ground Fault Locator

Cable Tracer

This tool helps technicians find buried or cables inside walls. What makes this an efficient tools is it can find cables buried up to 13 feet. It can trace cables that are energized or deenergized and even pipes. This helps reduce the need for exploratory digging.

Amprobe AT-2000 Advanced Wire Tracer

Amprobe AT-7030 Advanced Wire Tracer

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