A Cable Fault Locator Can Help Make Cable TV Troubleshooting Faster

Hipotronics TDR1130A Time Domain ReflectometerCable TV installations are prone to failures because of repeated tapping and constant exposure to the elements. Service interruptions caused by faulty cable installations can cause customer dissatisfaction. Investing in a fault locator can help detect problems and restore service quickly.

Tools used in cable fault locating, like time domain reflectometers(TDRs) are essential tools in cable repairs because they shorten troubleshooting time. This means you can restore service quicker, keeping your subscribers satisfied.

TDRs work by sending a pulse and if they encounter a problem, the pulse returns to the transmitter. The time it takes to return determines the location of the problem.

Some of the cable test equipment you might be interested in are:

High Voltage TDR1669 Time Domain Reflectometer

Hipotronics TDR1130A Time Domain Reflectometer

Megger CFL510F Hand-held Time Domain Reflectometer

These TDRs are widely used in cable fault troubleshooting because of their reliability and high degree of accuracy.

Try renting a cable fault locator today and evaluate how it performs in your facilities.

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